An Award-Winning Song, A Consumer-Winning Campaign

Entertainment writer for UK’s The Telegraph, Alice Vincent, took a look at why Frozen’s “Let it Go” was so successful. The Academy Awards’ 2014’s Song of the Year and Grammy® winner, ”Let It Go” has traits going for it — traits that we as marketers can learn from.

Know your audience well, develop a message that resonates, use integrated communications to reach people in several ways,  do it well enough and often enough, and you’ll begin to stick in the minds of consumers and have them singing your praises.

It sticks in the mind.

Vincent noted that when your brain forms an emotional connection with the song, you are more likely to remember it. Your creative should resonate emotionally as well as logically. Again, the more you know about the true needs and desires of your audience, the better you can fashion a message tuned to them. If you’ve put enough resources behind it to get the frequency you need, you too may find your company bringing home the nomination, and the win.

It appeals to the intended audience.

Know as much about your audience as you can to better communicate with them — understand what appeal would work best, from emotional, to humorous to practical. The more you know about the demographics and psychographics of your audience, the more effective you can state the product or service value proposition in terms that resonate.

It’s emotionally complex.

The song doesn’t take the easy road, starting with isolation then to self-realization, then to reaching potential and being true to one’s self. A look at your target audience’s social self — what they Tweet is how they feel, what they say in a survey is what they think you want to hear — can be a good look into the psyche that is more complex than you might imagine. Use social media listening tools to determine and create an illustrative profile of the person you are trying to reach, and weigh your creative, placement and context against it.

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