Before Rolling Out The Red Carpet: Tips With Celebrity Spokespersons

[dropcap]From[/dropcap]¬†Twitter followings to Facebook fans and a multitude of celebrity-oriented websites, there seems to be no end to celebrity worship. When promoting a product or service, attaching an athlete or celebrity to the project is one way to break through the clutter — whether via paid advertising, earned media or social media — and can […]

Getting it Right When Pitching the Media

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] consumer media landscape continues to change. While print circulation has decreased, online readership has increased. Newspapers continue to publish printed editions (though less so) while focusing on Web delivery of news (though ad revenues gained via digital have not typically made up for ad revenues lost from print).  Journalist ranks (full time employees) have experienced […]

When Crisis Calls

[dropcap]No[/dropcap] matter the business you are in, you should have a process in place for communications during a crisis. Without it, your company could appear indifferent to a tragedy, unprepared for a consumer backlash, or negligent in a product defect. Identify and notify the short list of important decision-makers in your company. Get their cell numbers […]